A Professionally Produced Photograph Isn’t Just a Luxury

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For most potential customers the very first experience they have with your product is by way of photographs or images, be it through catalogs, brochures or even websites.

A professionally produced photograph isn’t just a luxury it’s an incredibly important component of a well created advertising and marketing campaign that with proper use will influence the way customers view and feel about your products.

In today’s world, you only have a few moments to capture someone’s attention, the photographs you use in your business have to be believable and of the highest quality.  That’s were a commercial product photographer can come into play.

A primary goal of a commercial product photographer is to create a mood.  Documenting a product just isn’t good enough, creating an atmosphere that speaks directly to your target market is key.  If you take a look at the candy images below, one can see that the first image shot on a white background simply documents the product, isn’t very appealing and doesn’t convey a message of a scrumptious dessert. But once we change the background by adding props, adjusting the lighting and setting up the shot the second image now has a much more appealing look.  The commercial photographer has changed the mood in order to evoke the consumers desire to want a piece of chocolate.

Another goal of a commercial product photographer is to create dramatic effects and produce clarity of the product by the use of lighting.  If lighting is used correctly, one can achieve a three-dimensional feel to a two dimensional image. You want your target audience to feel that they can reach out and actually touch the image.  In the shoe image below lighting was used in a way to draw attention to the important selling features of the product, the micro perforated dry-tech material and the special ventilation on the bottom. The photographer wants the audience to see the texture of the materials, the fashionable design and the metallic membrane on the bottom of the shoe. All of this was achieved through special lighting techniques.

A great commercial product photographer not only has a sense of marketing, but should also spend the time to learn about your product and business.  They should be asking questions about your target market, your competitors, the benefits and features of your product.  What is the most important item that you want your target audience to know? They should also ask how the images will be displayed, web or print?  What is the mood you are looking to convey in the photograph?  The photographer needs to understand all of these pieces in order to create a believable and high quality image for your business.
The visual impact of any advertising or marketing campaign is very dependent on an attention-grabbing image.  Make sure your advertising photographs and images are supporting the messages that your business is trying to convey and promotes the results you are trying to achieve. The art of creating those images is what a commercial product photographer is all about.

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  • Timm Eubanks January 25, 2012, 1:00 pm

    Great Post! You have explained this beautifully. Always better to hire a Pro to shoot your product instead of “Uncle Bob!”


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