About Us

Serena Lissy is an award winning chocolatier, a commercial food photographer and recipe developer that loves creating culinary masterpieces. She spent the first part of her professional career as a financial executive working with some of most successful travel and leisure firms in the industry. Her interest in photography and food grew into a driving passion as she traveled the world sampling the culture and cuisine of each new region – always with a camera in hand and a notebook ready.

Serena brings a unique mixture of proven professionalism and creative passion to each new assignment; working with art directors, food stylists and the media, to ensure that each project meets the most demanding expectations. Serena’s body of work reflects a modern approach that blends vibrant colors and dramatic shapes with exceptional harmony and style. Her meticulous planning and precision are matched with a gifted sense of composition. The results are images that are mouth-wateringly delicious.

A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, Serena is also an accomplished chocolatier, pâtissière and recipe developer. She has worked with some of the top restaurants in Austin and most recently with America’s Test Kitchen, Cooks Country, and Cooks Illustrated. Her recipes for pastries, desserts and confections are gaining the attention of critics and the media. As a result, Serena and her team are hard at work putting together a new cookbook coming soon.

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