The Cocoa Process

Nothing like a little trip out of the country to check out one of my favorite things. You guessed it, cocoa. If you have never been to a cocoa farm and you have the opportunity to go, I would highly recommend it. While planning for a Costa Rica trip, I knew that a cocoa tour was something […] Continue reading >

Austin’s Best Desserts – 2015

I don't think there are enough days in a year to enjoy all the best of desserts in this city! So I'll start with a few of my favorites and just keep adding as the year goes on. It really is a tough job, but someone does have to do it. I just hope my […] Continue reading >

Austin’s Best Donuts 2015

I will say this was a really difficult task. I don't eat a lot of donuts, but when I find the right one I can't stop eating it! Spoiler alert...A glazed donut from St Philip is that right one! Good grief, that thing is melt in your mouth delicious! And what makes it even worse […] Continue reading >

Lamb Tagine with Couscous

Back in October I went to an event called Byte of Texas. It was an all day event designed for food bloggers. It was mostly an educational, weekend long experience for people in the industry. I love going to these to see old and new friends, learn a few things and always eat yummy food. […] Continue reading >

Hand Painted Chocolate Masterpieces

Over the last few months I have been watching Kate Weiser from afar. Well, as afar as the distance of Austin to Dallas. I’ve been following her social media posts anxiously awaiting the opening of her new chocolate shop. The Annual Dallas Chocolate fest was just enough reason to finally get in the car and […] Continue reading >

The “Show-Off” Must Go On!… If You Intend To Have Visitors…

From wineries and resorts to cities, parks and any other getaway spot or vacation destination, each venue needs to be the ultimate "show-off". Yes, go ahead, BRAG! And you can do so without uttering a single syllable. Your prospective and past visitors are looking for photos. Photos of interiors, exteriors, products, recreational options, attractions, potential […] Continue reading >

Do Your Images Have Traction with Your Target?

Marketers will tell you that what you "say" to your target audience needs to "speak" to them. Your message needs to convey benefits that appeal to your potential customers while outlining the features that set your product apart from your competitor's. All true. Now let's take that one step further... It's been said that "a […] Continue reading >

Product and/or People: An Image Debate

There is an age-old debate that exists among companies who sell products:  some have marketing departments that say, "People buy from people! There needs to be an emotional connection between the viewer and the product."; others say, "Focus on the product! Extraneous elements only detract from the primary purpose." What do we believe? What have […] Continue reading >