Nailed it or Failed it

Nailed It! Cherry Semifreddo Popsicle

We are back to the nailed it or failed it series after a week off to spend some time in Vegas at the World Food Championships. Which is always interesting to see chefs under pressure in a battle for a $100,000 prize. And well, what can I say, Vegas is always good for some entertainment. […] Continue reading >

Nailed It! Key Lime Verrine

This week on the nailed it or failed it post we decided to go with the Key Lime Verrine from the Bachour book. If you have been following along with this series of posts you know that last week we made the manchego cheesecake that was covered with graham cracker crumbs. Those same crumbs are […] Continue reading >

Nailed It! Manchego Cheesecake

Here we are at week number ten of the nailed it or failed it blog series. We are still working from the Bachour book and learning new things weekly to add to our toolbox. If you haven't seen all the other creations I have made from the book you can find them here. This week […] Continue reading >

Pistachio Microwave Sponge Cake

We have made it to week number nine on the nailed it or failed it blog series. We are still working from the book Bachour and learning something new every week. I loved the 40 second microwave cake so much last week, that I decided to continue on with the sponge cakes. Now this one, […] Continue reading >

Praline Semifreddo Popsicle

We have made it to week #8, in our Nailed it or Failed it series. It's still a little hot in Texas, so why not go with a popsicle was my thought for this week. It was perfect for eating, but almost a little too hot for photographing. Even with keeping these frozen for the […] Continue reading >

Mascarpone Cream Macaron with Berries

 I can't believe we are on week number seven of the nailed it or failed it series. Wow, time has really zoomed by. This recipe is from the Bachour book, with a few minor changes. If you have missed some of the past weeks you can catch up here.  This week we are making the […] Continue reading >

Banana Napoleon with Coconut Snow

Well we are back to the Nailed it or Failed it time of the week, and I must say it is one of my favorite days. Not only do I get to make beautiful stuff, but it is always a learning time for me. This week we are making a banana napoleon with coconut snow […] Continue reading >

Nailed It! Strawberry Mousse Cake

Well we have made it to week number five in the nailed it or failed it series, and I'm almost too afraid to go anywhere near a scale! If you haven't been following along, you can catch up on week numbers one through four here.   In a nutshell, we are working our way through the […] Continue reading >

Nailed It! Berry Brazo Gitano

Here we are at week #4 in the Nailed it or Failed it blog series and this little dessert was nothing short of delicious. But I am still on the supersizing of the pastries. This time not with the plating, but with that yummy berry compote. What had happened with this recipe from Bachour, was that […] Continue reading >

Caramel Apple Chocolate Mousse Cake

Well here we are at week #3 of the Nailed It or Failed It posts. And this cake, I'm inclined to say, Nailed It...Hmmmm...not so much... But not a total failure. This recipe is coming from the Bachour book that we will be using for the entire 52 weeks. If you are just catching up […] Continue reading >