Petit Four: My Work in Progress

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I decided to try my hands at petit fours. You know, those little teeny tiny cute cakes that are just bite size. These are definitely a work in process, but I just wanted to get the concept of all the parts then try more advanced another day. For the first try, I have to say…not bad…Petit_Four_On_A_Plate They were definitely much more work than one would think. Lots of little steps. Making the cakes, baking them, cooling them, cutting them, assembling them, wrapping them, scoring and torching. But well worth it in the end. They were delicious. Looking forward to trying more of these in the future. They are such a great snack to bring to a party or event. Petit_four_Cake_Being_AssembledPetit_Four_Being_ScoredPetit_Fours_Cut_And_Plated

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