MMH Burger Challenge in Four Days

In August McGuire Moorman Hospitality Group, MMH, decided to have a burger challenge in Austin. I saw the social media buzzing around it and thought for a few days on whether I would participate or not; I love the MMH restaurants, but I'm not really a big hamburger fan. The dangling carrot for me was the promised $250 gift […] Continue reading >

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I have heard many times that there is no such thing as a bad cook, only bad recipes. I remember when I went off to Le Cordon Bleu. There was a lot of fear that I wasn't a good cook. How was I going to survive in that environment? Hint...I went down the pastry path. Not […] Continue reading >

New York Bagels

I have been craving New York bagels for weeks. And I'll just say that being in Austin there is no chance of getting them here. And a flight to NY just to get bagels makes this a pretty expensive craving. I have never made bagels before so I thought I would do a little research and test […] Continue reading >

It Feels Good To Do Good Things

Today was my first cupcake donation to Bake A Wish Austin. It's a small little charity with an original mission of providing free birthday cakes to abused, neglected, or abandoned children and youth who would otherwise not receive one. Over time they have grown, and in addition they now serve birthday cakes to Austin's elderly […] Continue reading >

Viva L’Italia – Hooray for Italy

I was invited to attend a preview of the new menu items for Schlotzsky's a few weeks back. I'm pretty selective about attending these events since I'm a pastry gal and most of these are a culinary experience. I agreed to attend this event because it has been a very long time since I have dined […] Continue reading >

The Cocoa Process

Nothing like a little trip out of the country to check out one of my favorite things. You guessed it, cocoa. If you have never been to a cocoa farm and you have the opportunity to go, I would highly recommend it. While planning for a Costa Rica trip, I knew that a cocoa tour was something […] Continue reading >

Austin’s Best Desserts – 2015

I don't think there are enough days in a year to enjoy all the best of desserts in this city! So I'll start with a few of my favorites and just keep adding as the year goes on. It really is a tough job, but someone does have to do it. I just hope my […] Continue reading >

Austin’s Best Donuts 2015

I will say this was a really difficult task. I don't eat a lot of donuts, but when I find the right one I can't stop eating it! Spoiler alert...A glazed donut from St Philip is that right one! Good grief, that thing is melt in your mouth delicious! And what makes it even worse […] Continue reading >

Austin’s Best Chocolates 2015

This is my first year writing for the city guide and I couldn't be more excited. Not only do I get to write about my favorite things, I get to sample all of those things. And it's no secret I have a love for chocolate. These chocolate folks are relative new comers to the Austin […] Continue reading >

Chocolate Tasting

Earlier this week, I was testing some chocolate blends that I wanted to use for these brown butter pecan chocolates.  I called over a friend and asked him to help with the tasting. We had six different chocolates to taste. All were very similar in taste, but each had a few minor differences. I arranged the […] Continue reading >