A Night At The Oscars

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With all the excitement of the Oscars in the air, I thought I might try to jazz up my cocktail for the festivities. Nothing like taking an ordinary drink, and dressing it up for the occasion. A favorite drink of mine is the white chocolate martini. We all know what that is, but  I was wondering how could I make it edible instead of drinkable. I can remember being at a party and having seen a jazzed up version of a jello shot. So heck, why not give this a try. The white chocolate martini was so easy to prepare this way. Amazing what a pack of Knox gelatin does. White_Chocolate_Martini_Cut_Into_SquaresNow what could make this even more decadent? I decided to make a crumb to go with this. Chocolate, coffee, almond crumbs. Chocolate_Coffee_Almond_CrumbIt was starting to come along. But it needed a little moisture to complete the package. So why not try some bing cherry sauce?Bing_Cherry_Sauce_With_MartiniOh my gosh, it hit the spot! Is it a dessert masterpiece? By no means. But it sure was fun and made for a great dessert to share during the Oscars.

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