Onions: A Staple In The Kitchen

The Onion...such an amazing  vegetable. The layers of color, multiple flavors and beautiful texture are a great addition to any dish. Onions are very low in calories, a great source of  chromium and quercetin.  Raw onions are readily available all year long. Depending on variety they can be sharp, spicy, tangy, mild or sweet. Onions […] Continue reading >

All For The Love Of Food

It seems I have been on the road for the last three weeks straight. This last week had me in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A place I have been to many times but never seem to have free time to explore. This trip I had two full days to play. What to do? Where to […] Continue reading >

The Cookie Stack: A Different Look and Feel

They say you eat with your eyes first. And for me, there probably isn't a more factual statement. So we decided to pull out an old favorite that pretty much anyone can relate to. The Chocolate Chip Cookie. Cookies, cookies and more cookies. No matter how they look I still love them. So we just […] Continue reading >

The Mighty Greens: How To Pack A Flavor Punch

Yes these little greens are quite delicate, but they pack a powerful flavor punch. We made fresh spring rolls the other night and I couldn't help but love the fresh flavor of the mint.  The fresh lettuce, cucumbers and peppers are the main ingredients but the mint definitely won the flavor battle. I usually think […] Continue reading >

Food Photography: Five Ways To Create Texture

Texture is one of the most underused elements in food photography. But if properly used, it can create some wonderful food photographs. Taste and smell are two things people most often associate with food. Because we can't capture that with the camera, we have to rely on other features. For texture to show, the image […] Continue reading >

Food Styling: Making It Real

There is no one right way (or wrong way) to style your food.  When I am photographing food, the only area of the food I really pay attention to is the side or piece that is being photographed. I like to sketch out my image, either mentally or on paper, and then I can take […] Continue reading >

Make Your Food Pop: A Quick Lesson In Color

I took a visit to Old Town in San Diego a few weeks ago, and was inspired to create those fresh warm tortillas that they are so known for. After living in So Cal for 20 years, I realized I have never made homemade tortillas, and to my surprise they were quite easy. After searching […] Continue reading >

A Little Guinness For St. Patricks Day

I think today we did get a little bit of the luck of the Irish. A homemade cake with a main ingredient of beer? How could this be bad? After a few requests to our friends, we  found a recipe from the Simply Recipes website for something worthy of St. Patricks Day. Chocolate Guinness Cake […] Continue reading >

Food Photography: Composition Made Simple

This lemon dessert was so simple it gave us some free time to experiment with the camera angles for the composition of the images. We will start with the three traditional angles for food photography. The Diner's View, the Top Down View, and the Straight On View. The Diner's View would simply be at an […] Continue reading >

Cherry-Mallow Cookies: A Sticky Process

I've had this Food Friday concept for a while and have finally decided on the direction it will go this year. I am a lover of food and also photography, so the question was how do I blend them together to create a personal project that didn't become so large that it interfered with the […] Continue reading >