Scouting for the Digital Travel Workshops

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A few weeks back a friend and I headed down to Balboa Park with best laid plans of capturing beautiful night shots. By 5pm, while traveling down to the park, the fog bank was rolling in and by the time we finally got parking around 6pm, we were socked in.  So at this point, you just go with it and have fun. We scouted the entire park and ended up back at the botanical gardens to start the night shots.  

4 hours later, we ended the night at the bridge with views of the San Diego skyline. This was clearly a lesson learned that sometimes it’s not always about the perfect shot, it’s about using your equipment, working with what you have instead of what you want, and understanding what’s in your tool box and thinking outside the box.

With travel photography, interpreting the landscape is a personal choice and finding new ways to capture popular destinations is an ongoing challenge with this genre. So these are my interpretations of different ways to see San Diego. Living here for more than half my life it is clear we have a love/hate relationship with our freeways. So I’m embracing it! Was it raining that night? No, but most people don’t get to see rain in San Diego photos, so I felt like adding it.

The point is that I was open to other possibilities once I knew that I wasn’t going to achieve my original goal. I had fun and enjoyed the moment.

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