The Mighty Greens: How To Pack A Flavor Punch

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Yes these little greens are quite delicate, but they pack a powerful flavor punch. We made fresh spring rolls the other night and I couldn’t help but love the fresh flavor of the mint.  The fresh lettuce, cucumbers and peppers are the main ingredients but the mint definitely won the flavor battle. I usually think of herbs when my plate needs a splash of green, but using them as one of the main ingredients really opens up a world of recipes. The aroma just brings the garden inside onto your plate.

Bunch of fresh mint

Fresh mint leaves in a bunchNot only are the herbs flavorful, but they really do make for a beautiful photography subject. All of these images were photographed with a macro lens. I could look for days at the leaves and the patterns in the veins and the pores. Just a little bit of light needed to make them beautiful.

Bunch of Sage for cookingThe above image of Sage is my favorite. That leaf has so much texture. A little bit of back light and one could almost see the fuzziness of the leaves and  imagine the velvety quality that it has. With the leaves having so much texture, no props were even needed for these photographs. I usually like to add some props for texture in food photographs, but these little leaves just stole the show. Even with the tarragon image below, I didn’t need to add props for a gorgeous photograph. These leaves are much more delicate and smaller, but you can still see the textured edges and the back-lighting making the veins show so clearly.

Tarragon herbs for cookingHerb gardens are one of the easiest things to do at home. You don’t need a lot of space and a little fresh herbs really do go a long way in the flavor department. Your choice of plants for your herb garden is a personal decision. Make sure the plants are suited for your climate conditions. Other than that, think about what you like to cook with and eat, and plant away!

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