Onions: A Staple In The Kitchen

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Three onions on a tableThe Onion…such an amazing  vegetable. The layers of color, multiple flavors and beautiful texture are a great addition to any dish. Onions are very low in calories, a great source of  chromium and quercetin.  Raw onions are readily available all year long. Depending on variety they can be sharp, spicy, tangy, mild or sweet.

Onions can be prepared a number of ways for recipes, but the most common methods are: saute, caramelize, grill and roast.

Just for fun some random onion facts from the Swampy Acres Farm:

1. Eating fresh parsley can get rid of onion breath.

2. Americans eat 18.8 pounds of fresh onions per year.

3. Yellow onions make up more than 75% of the worlds onion production.

4. Onion ranks sixth in worlds leading vegetable crops in terms of overall production.

Green onionsThe most popular onions at a grocery store are the red, yellow and white varieties. The yellow onions are full flavored and a great standby for pretty much any recipe. French onion soup is one of my favorite uses for this onion. The white onion is often used in prepared salads and sauces, and a standby in traditional Mexican food. The red onion, one of my favorites, are great for grilling.

Yellow onionFrench onion soup is probably one of my all time favorite onion recipes. The food network has so many wonderful recipes for a little bit of variety on the soup. But this one is definitely one of my favorites! It’s hard to go wrong with butter, onions, cheese and a loaf of bread on the side for dipping of that soup base.

Onions – one of my most favorite edible art pieces.

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