My Surrender To Chocolate

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Do you ever have those days when you just feel like baking? I think I was feeling sugar deprived and there were so many ideas swimming in my head I couldn’t even decide what to make. Saturday was a busy day of creating chocolate truffles, chocolate bouchons, chocolate heart cookies and chocolate mousse. By the end of the day, I thought I could do no more. Then Sunday rolled around and I was remembering how yummy the ganache base was for the truffles. And hey while I was thinking about it, a little red velvet cake was sounding delicious. So what the heck, I’ll make a red velvet cake with ganache topping and some cream cheese ice cream. So much for a lazy Sunday.

Total chocolate overload, right?

Since I had so much chocolate the day before, I figured I’d just work with a little bit of it. You know like a 3″ round piece of the cake and freeze the rest for another days idea. So I cut one for the presentation, and one for me to eat while cooking the other ingredients.

Cutout of Circles of Red Velvet

Next came the ganache. There is just something so wonderful about dark chocolate and heavy whipping cream.

chocolate being stirred with heavy cream

That silky sweet smoothness.

finished chocolate ganache

At this point I poured the chocolate and plated as quick as I could before it started to set.


I snapped a few photographs, and then proudly walked it over to my neighbors and begged her to take it, declaring my surrender to chocolate for the weekend.

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