Hand Painted Chocolate Masterpieces

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Red Wine and BerryOver the last few months I have been watching Kate Weiser from afar. Well, as afar as the distance of Austin to Dallas. I’ve been following her social media posts anxiously awaiting the opening of her new chocolate shop. The Annual Dallas Chocolate fest was just enough reason to finally get in the car and head to Dallas. I’m not sure if I was more excited about trying so many different chocolates in one day, or going to the Kate Weiser Chocolate Shop.

After two hours of tasting and carefully managing my portions at the fest, (let’s be serious…it is chocolate…which as we all know portion control is hard to manage) I headed straight to Kate Weiser’s shop.

Immediately when you walk in you see the hand painted masterpieces. Each confection takes four days to make. Yes, four days. In that time she paints, shells, fills and finishes each piece.

With names like lavender apricot, champagne, and mango habanero, building a box of chocolate was one of the hardest tasks I had this weekend. So we ended up with two boxes. One for home, and one smaller one for enjoying at the shop with a cappuccino. With flavor combos like Buttery Popcorn; white chocolate, sweet corn, fleur de sel or Hazelnut Latte; creamy hazelnut ganache and coffee ganache, our first box of six pieces was devoured within minutes. And we were not disappointed.

What’s that Forest Gump saying? Life is like a box of chocolates. Well, if life is like a box of chocolates, I’m hoping mine will be as beautiful and creative as the one I picked up this weekend.  Beautiful work, with surprisingly wonderful flavor combinations.

If you find yourself looking for something to do the next time you are in Dallas, definitely head on over to Trinity Groves and stop by her shop.


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