Mocha Ice Cream Sandwich

  I'm not sure what you are doing this summer to cool off from the heat, but this is what we are doing! Mocha ice cream held together by two cinnamon spiced brownies. Good grief, I could eat this every single day. I saw this in Sift Magazine and decided to give it a try […] Continue reading >

Texas Sheet Cake

  I have been coming back and forth from California to Texas for well over a decade. I have now lived in Austin for quite a while and in all this time I have never had a Texas Sheet Cake. And I probably would not have had one if it weren't for Bake from Scratch […] Continue reading >

Chocolate Pop Tarts

Who says you can't have chocolate for breakfast? If I could, I would scream to the world that chocolate can be included in any meal. At least I think so anyway. I'm a big fan of chocolate for breakfast. Now I'm not talking about a chocolate bar, but a regular breakfast just tweaked to have […] Continue reading >

Accepting Applications for an Intern

It's that time of year and we are looking for an intern to come and spend three months with us. If you don't know us, we are are a creative culinary company that is passionate about baking, developing new recipes and sharing what we know. We also have this growing chocolate company that is starting […] Continue reading >

Strawberry Valentine Marshmallows

It's been quite a week for us. Just coming back from Cambodia and a 30+ hour travel experience. All things considered, the flight time was well worth the trip. If you haven't been to that region of the world I would suggest a trip is in order. The unique spices, the fresh supply of fruits […] Continue reading >

Instant Pot Triple Chocolate Cheesecake

Like everyone else out there, we got an Instant Pot on black Friday from Amazon. I have been hearing great things about this little gadget and I could resist no longer.  I will say it took me a little while to open it. With the holidays our chocolate shop was swamped and we just had no […] Continue reading >

Chocolate Crepe

The new year is finally here. We have been on a holiday break for the last week and loving every minute of it spending time with family and friends and just enjoying a much needed break from the chocolate business. Before I know it, Valentines day will be here and we will be back to the craziness […] Continue reading >

S’mores Cake

I have this beautiful Bouchon Bakery Cookbook that I haven't had much time to work with. I recently visited with a friend that had made some cookies to share from one of the recipes in the book. Delish is all I'm going to say about that! Those cookies were the final straw. I decided to open my […] Continue reading >

Cutest Easter Treats

  Easter time is here again along with grand amounts of chocolatey goodness and family gatherings. Here are some of our favorite super cute Easter treats we have seen online. With these Easter treats you're sure to sweeten any celebration. Click the image or the link below to be taken to the recipe.           […] Continue reading >

The Cutest Easter Bark

  It's that time of year...You know what I mean. Everything becomes pinks, yellows, greens and baby blues. Cadbury creme eggs are everywhere. M&M Easter candies. Oh peeps, we can't forget the peeps. Well it's no different in our kitchen. We had some leftover chocolate from a production run, so we figured why not start […] Continue reading >