Do Your Images Have Traction with Your Target?

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Marketers will tell you that what you “say” to your target audience needs to “speak” to them. Your message needs to convey benefits that appeal to your potential customers while outlining the features that set your product apart from your competitor’s. All true.

Now let’s take that one step further…

It’s been said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Not only does your message need to resonate with your target, but your IMAGES need to reinforce that message: focusing on your potential customer’s wants and needs; creating desire for your product based on the presentation of it; and drawing attention to the most desirable feature.

The fitness apparal and equipment industry is a prime example of this principle. Let’s say you manufacture and sell lightweight running shoes and cross-country runners are the ideal prospect to purchase your product. You SAY “lightweight” in your message, but your image shows the a close up of the shoe perched on a rock. There is nothing “lightweight” about a rock. Or maybe the shoe’s best feature is its grip, but the sole never appears in any of your imagery. Even if your words say it, if your images don’t convey it, there is a disconnect in the message to your prospective buyers.

Be sure to have mutliple images of each product for different campaigns. There may be one image of your product that works well for a magazine ad with a primary readership of avid athletes and fitness fanatics, but may not work in your digital marketing banner on a website with visitors who have an “interest in fitness”. Each may be looking for a different feature or benefit that your product offers.

The ultimate goal is to present your product professionally creating an image that transforms a prospective customer into a loyal customer. If your images don’t have traction with your target, if they don’t “see” what they are looking for, they may not even “hear” your message… and in that case, most likely, will not buy your product.

So, how well do your product images display features and convey benefits reinforcing your marketing message?

Take a closer look.

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