Food Photography: Five Ways To Create Texture

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Texture is one of the most underused elements in food photography. But if properly used, it can create some wonderful food photographs. Taste and smell are two things people most often associate with food. Because we can’t capture that with the camera, we have to rely on other features.

Food on boards with textureFor texture to show, the image must be taken at a close range. You can see the texture in the above images, both shot with a macro lens. The texture of the paint strokes on the wood really add an interesting element to the photographs. Even with the image on the left, the cutting board is housed in that metal frame giving even more texture. The backdrop was quite easy to create with a quick trip to the local Home Depot. Some small pieces of wood, an inexpensive paint brush, and a few containers of paint. I’ve really enjoyed creating these. Finally a painting project that isn’t about getting something perfect. Just brushing paint and getting good texture on the wood.

The next way to get texture is just simply adding some material. Old scraps of material, napkins, or place mats could all be used.

Bowl of Ramen Noodle SoupThis simple bowl of ramen soup is appealing because of the texture of the backdrop. The small piece of muslin material folded up under the bowl and placed on top of the wooden painted backdrop. Noodle soup can be quite boring, but this really has some interest.

We also use cutting boards for texture. Sometimes there is nothing better than an old used wood boards with many years of cuts running through the grain. This pastry just pops out and you feel like you could reach out and touch the wood.

Breakfast Pastry on a PlateBoiled Eggs in a BasketWith Easter right around the corner, we couldn’t pass up hard boiled eggs. This picture just oozes with texture. The napkin at the bottom of the basket, the ridges and sides of the basket along with the paper shreds inside the basket.  Great texture for images is so easily found. It just takes a creative eye and knowing what you have laying around the studio.

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  • Rita Pignato April 7, 2012, 7:40 am

    VEry informative and very nice. Thank you for sharing… and Happy Easter… Ciao rita


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