The Cookie Stack: A Different Look and Feel

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They say you eat with your eyes first. And for me, there probably isn’t a more factual statement. So we decided to pull out an old favorite that pretty much anyone can relate to. The Chocolate Chip Cookie.Two photographs of chocolate chip cookies

Cookies, cookies and more cookies. No matter how they look I still love them. So we just went with this idea and had fun with the cookies. All the while thinking what is the most important part of the cookie. For me, it’s all about the chips and just an abundance of cookies.

Stacking food creates the dimension of height. In the case of these cookies it was quite simple. One cookie right on top of the bottom one until you have the desired height. We photographed these cookies at a few different angles to provide a different look and feel. Although we experimented with a few different angles, the focus was always on the cookie.

We did a lot with eye level photography for these cookies. At eye level they tended to look approachable and inviting. Chocolate chip cookies are something that almost anyone can relate to and have tried at least one time in their life with usually a pleasant memory attached.

Chocolate chip cookies with milkWith the above image the focus is on the main stack of cookies. The milk is far behind and out of focus and really a secondary part of the image. Using depth of field, we guided your eyes to go straight to the cookies.

With the next two images we wanted to focus on the chocolate chips in the cookies. You can see with the image on the left that there was some uneven chocolate chips in the mix during the baking. The hero cookie that is up front has almost no chips in the left image. The image on the right has a different cookie as the main image with lots more chips. People love the chips in those cookies. So may as well give it to them to evoke the desire for them to want the cookies.

Chocolate chip cookies with chipsAnd this last image, it is just all about the cookie. We have a broken cookie leaning against the plate of a stack of more cookies. The cookie is broken in half, looking inviting and appetizing. Makes me almost want to go to the fridge and grab a glass of milk to go with that plate of yumminess.

Chocolate chip cookie with yellow plate

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